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Review: Deepeeka's Improved Patera

Unfortunately: It has been determined that at this time the Deepeeka Patera has too high a lead content in it to be considered food safe.

I obtained my new deepeeka patera from Imperium Ancient Armory in Los Angeles. I ordered it as soon as I saw it in the deepeeka website, though they did not require payment till it actually arrived. I have cooked with the patera, over substantial heat for a long time, and it came through with flying colors. Over all I am very pleased with it. The only downside, which is minor, is that the top edge of the bowl is a little sharp, and could stand to be made rounder in the manufacturing process. A great success!

The new patera from deepeeka a a vast improvement over it's predessesor. It is nearly as heavy a Tony Feldon patera I have, and has much thicker walls than the earlier sheet metal version
Side view
Top view
Bottom view
The handle is thick, and clearly cast seperately from the bowl. The decorations are highly raised, and closely mirror some existing artifacts.
The joint between the handle and the bowl is well soldered, filleted in, ground and polished so as to be almost indistinguishable.
The bowl is heavily tinned, and you can see the wipe marks from the application.
The situla and patera in a cook fire test. Both fared very well.