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Situla from Deepeeka

Unfortunately: It has been determined that at this time the Deepeeka Situla has too high a lead content in it to be considered food safe.

I obtained my situla from Imperium Ancient Armory in Los Angeles. I ordered it as soon as I saw it in the deepeeka website, though they did not require payment till it actually arrived. I have cooked once with it, over substantial heat for quite a long time, and it came through with flying colors.

The new situla from Deepeeka fills a much needed gap in many a Romans kit- the personal sized cook pot. The dimensions are as follows:

Height: 15 cm or 5 7/8 in.

Opening of mouth: 12 1/2 cm or 4 7/8 in.

Width across top lip 15 cm or 6 in.

Width of bottom 9cm or 3 1/2 in.

The inside is heavily tinned, and should stand up well to cooking. As soon as I have tested this, I will post the results.
The situla appears to be constructed of multiple pieces then spun into shape. The bottom feels slightly thicker than the sidewalls.
This is to give a visual size comparision.
You can get sense of the thickness of the tinning here. They clearly pour in liquid tin and wipe it around in the tradional manner. It does not appear electroplated.
Here you can see some evidence of what must be seams. The lines are all around, not symetrical, but must have something to do with the construction. My guess is that roughly shaped peices are soldered together, then the whole thing is spin into shape.
The brass bail handle is attached by brass staples, bent through two small holes. I believe this is accurate.
The Situla and Patera each survived a lengthy high heat cook test with no problems. A good scrubbing removes the blackening on the outside, and restores the luster of the tin on the inside.