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This page is a display of the works of art created by Julius D. Feigelson. Each item on this page is meticulously handcrafted in his shop. In some cases pieces are built entirely from scratch and in others, he begins with either an existing piece such as a helmet; these pieces are torn apart, and the real work begins. Julius engages in extensive research for each piece. Anyone who has seen these items first hand can attest to their quality. I have seen piles of rejected elements that didn't quite make the cut. Any Roman would have been proud to wear or carry any of the following works.

Ludovisi Battle Sarcophagus Helmet brought to life
Officers helmet
Leather Musculata
Praetorian helmet
Correct Gallic H
Officers Parazonium (Dagger)
Pompeii Gladius

Officers Pompeii Gladius
Mainz Gladius
Legion Standard Vexellum
Don't mess with the Prefect