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This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you find an error, and have correct information, or have a vendor I might add, please let me know. I have tried to put the location of most listings.

Legions   Merchants Resources, Groups, Misc.
Ade Winks excellent supply center. If it's here, it's good!
Ancient Oil Lamps Unfortunately not making lamps at the moment...
Armae Reproductions Lyons, France
Armillum Spain
Forum Traiani Germany
Aurificina Treverica Germany
HR Replikate Germany
Imperium Ancient Armory Los Angeles CA, USA
La Wrens Nest Woodstock CT, USA
Reconstruction Fabrica Northhampton, UK
Roman Glassmakers Hampshire UK
Soul of the Warrior Summerville SC, USA
TEMPL Czech Republic
Terry Nix Imperial Houston TX, USA
Venetian Cat East Wakefield NH, USA. Lots of lovely samianware, lamps, amphora and etc.
Armillum Barcelona, Spain
Not All Roman, but very useful
Caswell Electroplating Tin plating supplies. Mail order. Lyons NY, USA
Freeman and Sear Roman coins and artifacts, Los Angeles CA, USA
Frontier America Trading Co. Seattle WA, USA
Historic Enterprises Ramona CA, USA
Jas. Townsend and Son Pierceton IN, USA
MacFarthingbowl's Antwerp, Belgium
MacPherson Leather Supply Seattle WA, USA
Micro-Mark Small tool specialists. Lots of very cool stuff. Mail order.
Osborne Tools Harrison NJ, USA
Panther Primitives Normantown WV, USA
Raymonds Quiet Press Albuquerque NM, USA
S.B. Juniper Shoes Gloucester, UK
Saderma Shoe Findings Los Angeles, Beuno Park and San Leandro CA, USA
Talbots Fine Accessories Hawthorne Woods IL, USA
Tandy Leather Company A good all around source for leather and leather crafting supplies. Now they have stores again.
Armour and Weapons
Albion Armorers New Glarus WI, USA
Age of Chivalry  
By the Sword  
Find it Armory Houston TX, USA
Kult of Athena Chicago IL, USA
Lonely Mountain Forge Blakely PA, USA
Manning Imperial Victoria, Australia
Medieval Reproductions Calgary, Canada
Medieval Weaponry Chicago IL, USA
Museum Replicas Conyers GA, USA
Ragweed Forge NY State, USA
Sword & Stone Burbank CA, USA
Swordsmith, Morrows Blade & Harrison AZ, USA
The Armory Tuscon AZ, USA
The Steel Source Rochester NY, USA
Valentine Armouries Calgary Canada
Windlass Steelcrafts Corporate Site, India