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Carrying the Scutum
My Experiment with the Junkelmann Scuta Carriage System, with segmentata
The final analysis seems to be that simplest is best. All that is needed is a long strap and buckle which wraps around the scutum handle and buckles to itself. This strap goes over the left shoulder and the scutum hangs on it. A second, lesser strap ias attached to the shoulder strap and goes around the torso, holding the scutum in position, and steadying it. There are only two buckle and two straps, no rings, hooks or any other complication. I have added a couple pictures taken without the armour on, to more clearly show the running of the straps. These still show the rings, but I have since elimated them, and the torso strap simple has loops on the ends that the should strap fits through. Pictures of that to come...

Here is a shot from the side, you can see it hangs pretty close to the body with an inward tilt towards the legs.  The furca laid over the top edge of the scutum pulls the top in just a bit, but it is enough to keep the bottom edge of the shield off your legs. 
Here is the front, the position of the scutum is consistent with the pictures of Junkleman's Augustan Legion. The main difference from Junkelmann is that the torso strap does not run over the outside of the upper arm and shoulder, but UNDER the arm and around the torso.
Close up of the body to shield connection in the back.  The strap running horizontally across to the left is the torso strap, and it pulls the scutum in tight, keeps it from swinging, and keeps the shoulder strap up in position.  The shoulder strap just slides deep under the upper shoulder guard, thereby creating this impression, but it is routed across the top of the upper collar plate.

This is the set up viewed laid out.  The shoulder strap is run over the left shoulder, and it slides in under the upper shoulder guard plate.  The scutum is pushed to the back and the second strap is buckled around the torso, keeping it all in position.  I thought I would have some trouble with the shield rotating/sliding forward, but this did not happen much.  When I mount the furca on my shoulder, I shove the scutum into position, under it, and the furca would hold it. The entire rig in this photo is a test version. I have painted in in yellow the way the shoulder strap attaches to the handle. The only difference in the final version is that the shoulder strap buckle should be on the TOP end, coming over the should, NOT the bottome end as depicted here. The reason for this is twofold- the strap coming from below allows you to pull down on the buckle and more easily cinch up, and release the scutum, secondly, the loose end of the strap is easier to feed around the handle and through the loop end of the torso strap.


Photo owned by Lee Holeva, used by permission

Here is a version of the junkleman rig built by Titus Neuroleanus for carrying his scutum. The rest of his pictures can be found here: Titus




Close up showing the tow ends of the shoulder strap coming off opposite side of the scutum handle. Again, disregard the rings in this picture, as they have proven to be unnescessary
Over all, everything works out very well, and I think it is nearly there.