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Scutum Cover/ Tegimen
I used a 3-4 oz cow hide, vegetable tanned, with a soft hand for the scutum cover. Although it was large enough to do in one piece, I wanted to simulate a couple of calf or goat skins, so I made two halves. I took the measurement of the scutum, height and width (make sure to accomodate the curve) and added 3" all round-next around I'll add 4 inches. I also had to account for the seam, done the same as a tent seam. The completed cover was oiled heavily. This lovely item adds some weight to the sheild.
Here is the back, and if you look closely, yo can see I under cut the sides, aand had to add material.
I chose to copy the tabulum illustrated in Junkelmanns Legions of Augustus, copied by so many other Romans, because it looks cool. I always liked the look of the contrasting wool under, although I don't believe it is attested in the archeological record. I did modify the style of lettering slightly, to add some legibility.

The boss bubble was cut as a semi circle, and sewn up as a cone. I made the pattern with paper, which I just mashed into shape and taped. Then I removed it, and flattened it out, and cut the slit. I added enough of a seam allowance to extend onto the body of the cover about 1". After gluing and sewing the cone shape, I soaked it in water, taped plastic wrap ove the boss, and forced the leather out into a dome. I dried it before glueing and sewing to the body. The ring is pretty self expanatory- cut, glue, sew.

The inside, quite a bit uglier. The black thread is holding the bubble, and is covered on the outside by the ring. The strips on each side are for the tent style seam.
I cut the corners in a little too deep. It should probably be about half this amount.
A conjectural use of the dangly strips. The holes and sizes all seem to work out just perfectly...